iwill CREATE PRO 『25”X31”』 Laundry Backpack, 2 Strong Shoulder Straps, Wash Laundry Washing Bag for Dorm-Room, Laundry Bag, Brown
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100% commericial nylon, thick and High desity, tear-resistant; About 15lb loading-bear capacity.TIPS:Please tie a knot after locking the drawstring to make sure the bag is tight enough. Measures 25 x 31"; it is big enough for laundry storage in colleage dorm and family use.

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Customer questions & answers
will the bag stand up on its own or flop over when not full ...........like does it have internal supports
By 314200647@qq.com Hand on April 04, 2019
How many queen size comforter or blanket I can fit into this?
By 314200647@qq.com Hand on April 04, 2019
IS the bag washable?
By 314200647@qq.com Hand on April 04, 2019
Can this bag withstand heating? I need a bag that can be heated to prevent bed bugs at a kids' YMCA camp.
By 314200647@qq.com Hand on April 04, 2019
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MandaPanda October 18, 2019
I have been using the black and green bags for years. They still look brand new. I came back to buy the brown one so I can do more laundry. I have darks and lights in separate bags, and now I have one for bedding. I have these bags draped over a hamper so I can toss clothes in and lift the bags out when it's time to do laundry.
The double shoulder strap is good for walking several blocks to the laundromat and the ...
Casey April 04, 2019
Use this for my husband and my laundry and it typically holds all of it unless we're washing towels. The double shoulder strap is good for walking several blocks to the laundromat and the material is sturdy.
best purchase ever
Livia April 04, 2019
Bought this after my college laundry bag finally broke after 8 years. Best purchase ever, so much easier than hugging a regular laundry bag and wrestling it home. Love that I can just wear this on my back.
Exactly what I wanted
Keyona April 04, 2019
Exactly what I expected. Not to big and not to small. Arrived promptly. Material appears to be of good quality. Beautiful chocolate brown color. Description spot on. Plan to use for travel laundry bag for trips over there days or more.
It's Awesome
toonces April 04, 2019
I'm a truck driver and when I need to do laundry, I have to walk about a quarter of a mile from the parking lot to the truck stop. This bag has made laundry day so much easier because of the backpack straps. I've used the bag consistently for the past 18 months and it has held up great, even with me stuffing it over capacity. Definitely recommend.
I never thought carrying laundry down 4 flights would be easy, but this MAKES IT HAPPEN!
Amanda Knudsen April 04, 2019
I love this. It's seriously changed the way I do laundry. Living in NYC especially - when space is limited, and when you live in an upper floor walk up... Because of this laundry backpack I don't dread going to the laundromat. Sounds crazy but it's true. No more awkward blue ikea bag that carries the smell of dirty clothes -- now I can wash it along with everything inside. And no more shoulder pain, no more bruises by my collarbone from the unsupported weight of laundry in a flimsy container. Seriously. And it doesn't take up floor space since I can hang it by the grommets or whatever they're called. Plus the color is a nice cool bronze, would look good in any closet or wherever you keep your laundry, if you care about that kinda thing. Aesthetically and functionally and otherwise, I give this item FIVE STARS. <3
Awesome Landry Bag
Summer Joy April 04, 2019
Very durable. I only hang it up when there aren't clothes in it. It holds a lot of clothes. I have a large capacity washer and I am a large person. The bag held 2-3 loads of my laundry. If you're an average sized person the it could eailsy hold 4-5 loads. When I moved, I packed the bag with multiple items and it was never damaged. Still works great after a year.
Good bag. Would recommend.
Merida Sneller April 04, 2019
Well made. Sturdy. Good bag. Just huge. It covers my entire back and even goes below my bottom when it is full. And it looks awkward full but who really cares. Definitely up to the job. I use it so that I can bike to and from the laundromat. It kinda looks like I have a bean bag strapped to my back. Awkward looking but very efficient. The bag holds about 3 medium loads of laundry.
Held up for a year
Mark Green April 04, 2019
I have to lug laundry 3 blocks to the laundromat. I tried a different brand and the strap broke off immediately when the bag was only 3/4 full. This one was much sturdier and although one strap has been pulling away at the seam, the drawstring actually went first. For the money, I'd say it did the job. Just ordered my second one. As others noted, I don't wash it. I think you're just asking for trouble doing that. I have a separate hamper and only use this for transport.
Fantastic for the dorms!
TsunamiMommy April 04, 2019
GREAT for college!! Sturdy and waterproof. Easy to pack up when not in use. Pockets are fantastic for carrying dryer sheets and pods. HOLDS a lot of laundry!! Great fabric but not heavy to carry.